Terms and Conditions

Who we are: Our website address is: https://wp.jirosworld.com. These terms and conditions apply to any special offer, quotation, and agreement between JirosWorld, and any Customer.

Terms and conditions

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you must pay directly, payments are processed within 7 days. inspection/cancellation period: zero hours.


shipment, is done when payment is received. taxes are added to products, not to shipping.

Delivery time

Delivery can be between 2 or 7 business days, delivery is dependent on postal services.


If you received a discount code from us, you can use it while purchasing a product. You either [1.] type in the coupon code when you are looking in your Cart (and click the ‘Update cart’ button), or: [2.] you can go to the Checkout and fill it in when you’ve clicked the ‘click here to enter your code’ line (and click the ‘Apply coupon’ button).

Contact information:

jiro at something.