Espinaler Pipirras

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Piparras (or also called Guindillas in Spain) are a type of pickled chilli pepper. The flavour of a Guindilla pepper is slightly sweet and usually mild in heat. It has a soft crunch yet is tender with a thin skin.

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Product origins:
Piparras or guindillas are a Basque delicacy Take a stroll through the North of Spain and you will be guaranteed to find Pintxos (which is Spanish treat usually served on a toothpick) with guindillas. An iconic Basque favourite is the “Gilda”, which is a pintxo with an Olive, anchovy, and a guindilla pepper!

In 1896, Miguel Riera i Prat opened Tavern Espinaler to serve the local fishermen. Over the following generations, his family expanded the menu of offerings as their business prospered. In the 1940’s they started serving up vermouth and top quality Galician preserves such as cockles, mussels, tuna and white clams.
To this day, Espinaler continues with a variety of more than 200 products and it is managed by the 5th generation of Tapias. They are committed to offering their quality products to the people of Barcelona, Spain and the rest of the world.

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