Backup-filter pagina


This is an example page which is what most visitors will see when they visit your shop.

You can change this text by editing the page via the “Pages” menu in your dashboard, for instance.


this ‘alternative’ storefront shows all of the possibilities of the Woocommerce filtering: it shows multiple blocks, with different ways of filtering the categories, or the products, or both.

Shop by Category

Custom code. Show ALL the categories + all subcategories on the site. This will not show any products, only all of the categories/types/kinds.

Display subcategories of 1 Parent

Custom code. This piece shows the contents of ONE of the Main categories: it shows the SUB categories ONLY, so no products yet.
You can only do this by adding CODE – there are no easy buttons for this.

Down below:
are all the standard blocks for showing particular selections.
These are the standard blocks; you don’t need ‘code’ in order to add these.
So it’s easy to show: the latest ‘new in’ product, the products currently on sale, the bestsellers, and ALL of the products. But you have to limit the number of rows and columns or else it becomes too much for the viewer.

This block is now 4 columns wide and 2 rows high
(maximum is 6 columns / 6 rows)

New In

This block is now 4 columns wide and 1 rows high
(maximum is 6 columns / 6 rows)

On Sale

This block is now 4 columns wide and 1 rows high
(maximum is 6 columns / 6 rows)

Best Sellers

Click on any of the products above, in short this will have the result of going to any of the available categories or any of the individual products in the webshop.